Sunday, August 14, 2011

All the Kings horses....

Hey Ya'll !!!!

It's been a while, and has it been a lovely little dust witch for me... I must say I'm glad that Summer is winding down. What a Summer it has been.

Lets go back to Mid-June, when NC and all Her glory...started dishing out 100 degee temps. Our little castle in Kings Mountain became a furnace. No matter what was done to our AC our house stayed at a constant 80-85 degrees. Um ew. I don't like to sweat when I'm not excercising. Ever. No exceptions. Ok, as if the heat isn't bad enough. We get our utility bill and its a whopping 400 dollars. WOWZERS!!! Chris and I had already gotten to the point of "wanting" to move. Just because things were not the same in our little house. TOO MUCH had happened there. It was indeed time for change. As we have changed. Our needs, wants, and ultimately hearts.

So we started looking for houses to buy. We found a ton of cute ones, we also found that we have an oppurtunity when his parents retire in about 3-5 years to buy their cute 3 bedroom ranch style house. That Chris and his Dad put in countless hours of blood,sweat, and more sweat to remodel. Cute house...So we decided to lease an apartment for 1 year, and see where the road leads us . I must say I LOVE THIS LITTLE APARTMENT. Yes yes we have to deal with the neighbors above, and their little 30-40 lbs elephant. (God forgive me I'm talking about their little girl.) But, its a nice refreshing coma inducing 72 degrees. LOVE IT. I have a dish washer DOUBLE LOVE. We didn't have to pay a deposit for our  pets TRIPLE LOVE. I purged 10 years of worthless crap CHRIS LOVES. It is nice to have only the things I absolutely love. Instead of toting around 20 totes of things I'd forgotten I had. LMAO @ toting totes.

Our move has refreshed us. Made us enjoy our togetherness. And just for the record, Chris was the manly man, I didn't have to work that hard. Granted I was exhausted, and I did more manual work than I've done in ages. But, he didn't get angry or bite my head off. Not even once.  I love that him and I have gotten back to the good, the sweet and the adoration of our relationship. Gah, I love that man.

My job is still peachy-keen. Loving it. There are things I need to work on. Seriously work on. But, I have things under control. I'm going to succeed.

Now, to the gossip portion of my blog. I know my readers just soak this stuff up!!! Update on the gross cousin. Whom, has now become a certified member of the "No, I don't know him. He's not related to me." Hall of Fame.
So, If you've read before you know the basis for why I don't even claim to share DNA. The jaws will drop at this next tidbit. This nasty bastard was arrested just last week for....wait for it.

Secret peeping and public masturbation. OMFG....again....OOMMFFGG!!!

Appearantly in a drunken stupor, he done this. And I am so glad he was caught. This has justified ever moment I've avoided, every family function I've not attended, every time I was looked at as a "liar". I mean EW!!!! Can you imagine had he NOT been caught?? What he may have been capable of?

Needless to say, I'm trying my best not to gloat. Not to wave my finger and pop my neck saying in my best ghetto fab rendition of "MMhMM I told your ass he was pervert". Chris said it was very lady like of me to NOT do this. But, he was gonna laugh it out for me.  Now, if the NC court system will just do some justice. Perhaps, if there's anything HUMANE left in the poor bastard, he'll get some help. Am I hopeful? Nope.

Ok on to better things. My Mom has a BOYFRIEND. Can you beleive it? I sure can't. And I loveeee him, he's such a sweetie. He opens doors, is at her beck and call, he gushes over her, and he knows I'm a Moma's girl.

All in all life is good. My lil handsome man starts 5th grade Wednesday. I hope he does well this year. I want to see him shine. <3

Gotta run for now. Work in the morning. I'll be back sooner than later this time I promise!!! XOXOXOOX


  1. Love, Love, Love the post and you had me laughing out loud. Nice to see you blog again! Also super nice to hear you love your new digs. I need to get my butt in gear and blog today...took a couple days off for vacation. Muah!

  2. YAY for a move being REFRESHING!!! That's what our last one finally felt like for us, too. :-)
    And YAY for public knowledge of Gross Cousin to validate what you've been saying all along!!!!!