Sunday, July 17, 2011

::Imagine me behind a podium with an award in my hand:: Can you see me? Ok....

First, I'd like to thank God without whom none of this would be possible.
A HUGE gargantuan(he loves that word) thanks to my husband. Who made it down this road with me. And we're stronger than ever. Learning that forgiveness is a 2 way street, and that it also mends a weary heart. I love you, til the end of time....
I'd also like to thank my family and friends (3) in particular De Anna, Susie, and Jamie. Whom have been stars in my sky leading me back to myself ( a better self).

::Oscar moment over:::

The first week at my new job was absolutely amazing. I even surprised myself a little. I knew I had my game face on going in, but I really did an awesome job. I have a wonderful mentor (Ruthie). She's just the right amount teacher and right amount office gossip. I LOVE IT! I'm headed to NJ tomorrow for a week of training and I'm prepared because of Ruthie.

It's awesome to be where I am....When I know where I was....

My job info :  I am a Billing Coordinator in the Accounting Department at Odyssey Overland (Odyssey Logistics and Technology). If you really know me, you'll know this is some what of a dream come true kinda job for me. I'll be managing one of the companies largest clients. Dial Chemicals, yes Dial soap etc. We make sure all of their Bio Hazard materials get to the destination of their choice, I make sure we get paid. LOL!!!!

I learned DOW corp last week, that's Clorox. I really caught on fast. Although the information coming in is always different. The "process" is the same. So it makes it easier to focus on incoming information once the "process" is learned. Yay! Me! I'm gonna do really good at this. My boss is also the greatest, she's focused, informative but doesn't micro-manage. She's great about letting me set my hours the way I want, so I get my evenings with Chris. Since he's working 3rd shift. It's a blessing to have our evenings together. 

All of the job things are so wonderful. My only struggle is allowing myself to relax...I'm here...I'm back... I've recovered from the "darkness". I wish to remain humble and thankful above all else. I learned a very hard lesson at age 32, its scarred my mentality. But, it has also made me stronger than I ever ever thought I could be. So its a bittersweet win-win because I have an awareness that I didn't have before. There's a sad place in my Psyche, I've locked the door and walked away from it. But, I'll always know its there. A reminder....Of where I never want to be again.

Now on to some funnies from me...the one and only Sunshine :)

  1. I love my new kitten Nimbus...He's so lovey and playful. But, he's got really bad gas. He'll run you out of a room. And they are loud!!!!!
  2. I've been reading the Eragon series. Chris has been trying to get me to for years. I had a hard time getting back into new stories after Twilight. Anywho... Now, that him and I can discuss it,(it's our Husband and Wife book club)(its a nice intimacy between him and I) I've learned he reads more REGALLY than me. Meaning, I'll read something and find the most southern way to say it....and he's more proper...regal.... so to that I say   =|~
  3. Some people don't appreciate being a dork. I am a DORK. I am proud. Ex. : I don't think you have to be a hard ass 24-7 to be focused on anything...anytime... anywhere... I was at the grocery store and this lady had 10 gallons of milk in her buggy. I casually just said " Honey. it may me cheaper to just buy a cow!". Boy o boy, was she a tight ass ol bird. She just stink faced me... And I laughed and walked away!!! LOLLLL!
  4. I want a bathroom with fluorescent lighting. Because, my make-up at home, and at work, look completely different.
  5. I got a pair of Franco-Sarto heels on EBay, for 99 cents. New...99 cents. I paid 10.95 for shipping so $11.94 for an 80 dollar pair of heels. SAAAHWEEETTTT!!!!
  6. It's ok to need a break from your kid. But, I still feel guilty for sending him to the grands for the weekend.
  7. I don't like rum anymore. I had 2 drinks Friday night, and although I felt relaxed...I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I once would have.
  8. Happiness is a state of mind.....but true happiness is in your heart.
  9. I really want a pair of pink heels....Every girl should have pink ones. Right?
  10. I'm still thinking of that dang purse at the flea market. ha ha

Off to Jersey for the week. Hoping I can find a Snooki look a like just so I can freak out Christian. He's so concerned I'm going the "Jersey Shore" without him.


  1. I love your praise and meteoric rise back up out of the darkness! Refreshing & wonderful!!!
    PS - Can you get a fluorescent makeup mirror?
    PPS - I used to LOVE drinking to relax & hang out with friends & JB, but it's just NOT FUN to me now; I'd rather do ANYTHING else most of the time. A fresh, hangover-free phase of life! :-P

  2. Thank you for the shout out...however, your (and Susie's) "perkyness" keep me afloat and going! You are a breath of fresh air!

    Loved the cow comment. I had to literally laugh out loud!

    I am so happy that you are FINALLY at the place you want to be. Things really do work out when "he" is ready for them to.

    Love you!

  3. All I have to say I'm so excited for you and your future!!! You seem to be at the place that you're "meant to be" at least for now. I'm so happy your happy :)