Sunday, September 25, 2011

Have you seen her lately? My goodness she looks FABULOUS!

I look back just one year ago, and am astonished at how far I have come in just 365. Last September, I was at the beginning of a medical diagnosis, at the end of a dead end job, and in the middle of fighting a war within my heart.

Just 365 days later.....

I have found a wonderful doctor. That in 2 short weeks has "rediagnosed". Set a treatment plan. And in just 9 days of treatment, I can see DRASTIC improvement in my legs. I can not even begin to explain the joy this is bringing to my personal war with my health and my appearance. I mean wow, if I were less vain I'd post pictures. But, alas  I can not bear that the world know what I've been fighting. Just believe, a new... better... healthier (perhaps more vain) alas, happier ME is in full view. I've lost 5 lbs in 1 week. (Mind you I do battle edema and fluid retention standard dieting rules don't apply just yet). The amount of fluid gone from legs amounts to at least 1 lb. Add the rest of my body thats (fluid) thats another. And 3  lbs of natural (or unnatural) weightless. And TADAA 5 lbs. I have also been diagnosed with severe Sleep Apnea. I stopped breathing 192 times in 4 hours my oxygen levels dropping to 62 %. Woke myself up back to stage 1 of sleep 384 times. Reached Full REM sleep only once, after they applied the CPAP at 15 cc oxygen saturation. No wonder I've always been tired, no energy. This explains SO much. Help and life changing treatment has arrived!

I have a wonderful job. I love it and I'm good at it. The pay isn't to shabby either. I'm due a  raise. Very...very...soon. Woohoo.

I continue you grow closer to my husband. Til  the days of past are a distant memory. Becoming less and less thought of with every passing day. To dub him wonderful....would be down playing him. I can't describe the adoration and connection we have. I'm thankful each and everyday that even at our worst. We had the strength to continue fighting for what we have. It's something worth having.

Watching my 10 year old become a young man. Seeing the realization of "growing" up in his eyes. I'm so proud to have this little person in my life. He's so smart and see's way to much to just be 10. I made him waffles with strawberries and cream this morning. Just for him. He was so taken aback, and felt so special. I wish he were here all the time. I love how his blue eyes sparkle when I've touched his heart. He's an emotional rollercoaster, as I'm learning is normal. As he grows I know I'll strugge to let go and let him learn. But, I want to beleive he'll glance back over his shoulder to make sure his Brandie is there...And I will be...Always..

My Nana is back in the nursing center. Her choice actually, and I'm so glad. Bittersweet.

My Mom is doing her thing. I swear she's like a teenage daughter sometimes LOL! The joys of being single.

The seriously disturbed cousin. Was arrested in August for peeping in a girls window. Court in October. Come on NC Judicial System...Don't fail me now.

Thats it folks... My life is body is catching up. Thank you GOD for getting me here.

I'll write again soon. I PROMISE THIS TIME I MEAN IT!!!!!!!

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  1. What a post of PRAISE!!!!! I am so excited to hear every good thing and all of the excellent progress & movement forward!!!!!!! I LOVE you ENJOYING LIFE!!!!