Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful =)

I awoke this morning, to a 10 yr old. Yes, my little munkin is now pre-teen. Wow! It really does feel like yesterday he was small enough to fit in my lap. I met Chris when Christian was 4 just turning 5. So, lucky me I got to enjoy the sweetest years while skipping over the terribles... I've always loved kids and they love me for the most part. My moms always said I've got that "Mommy-magnet"... Chris would argue that its not a magnet, its the well he's a man I'm sure you can figure it out.  ANYWAY!

From the instant I laid eyes on our lil blue eyed wonder, I've been his. He wasted no time playing in my long hair, scooting around behind me on the couch so he could touch it, comb it, pile it, knot it.... before tiring of hair and moving to my lap to cuddle and give his daddy a sly smile. For the longest time I thought he was gloating to daddy cause he got my affection.... I now realize it was part of the magic the two of them bring to my life. Now, the three of us function as a family, there is no feeling like an outsider peeking in on something special. I belong, quite frankly (and wholeheartedly) I'm owned. My guys own me, its not as detaching as it sounds. But,  now as I look at this growing young man in front of me. I long for the days he did fit in my lap, so sweet and sticky (as only a 5 year old can be). He was actually the first to tell me he loved me. Even before his daddy said the magic word. We were about to leave for dinner and I had went to get the car seat in place. Christian came bombing out the door. "Brandie ... Brandie.... You are pretty and beautiful....and I LOVE YOU~!!!" I was goner before then but boy did that seal the deal. It's true the love of a child is one of the purest most honest emotions you will ever feel. I know that.... I feel each time he "needs" me. The first time he asked me to do something and not daddy. Something important, like tucking him in, or fixing an ouchie. Motherhood, is not for the faint hearted... another quote I understand more and more with each year that passes. No, I'm not his mom... But I am his Step-Mom...I prefer Bonus Mom and so does he.  I'm thankful, cause I know, in the future when hotwheels are traded for girlfriends and hotrods. And the world gets real for our lil man. I'll be the one he turns too to fix the ouchies... That I've earned that spot in his heart.

Happy Birthday to my Bonus Son....Thankful am I to be so Lucky.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm here .... Finally and Again

For months I have coveted an old high school friends blog. Wanted to have something so special and awesome to call my own. Well, here I am...a beginner... this should be fun!!!! Check back soon, I just may run wild with this thing.