Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rehab and a series of Fortunate Events =)

Helllllo JULY! You beautiful, sultry, full of homegrown goodies, good tidings...oh and my birthday in 3 days. =) I smilllllle upon you.

I GOT A JOB!!!!  A REALLY GOOOOOOD JOB!!!! (Actually on JUNE 27th). So mad props to June as well. Can you tell I've been hanging out with my kid? Mad Props??? lmao

I love my husband and all his frugal glory, but am still thinking about the knock off Coach bag I seen at the flea market. It was only 22 dollars. I'm going back to get it. =|~

I've become addicted to a new Monster energy drink. And I'm saving myself 180 calories per can.
Monster Rehab Tea and Lemonade. Taste like Nestea in a can. 20 calories! Thats less than a soda. I'm sold. So now my Loca Moca's will be a special treat. Come on love handles get smaller. Please.
Oh, and to mirror my facebook status. Why do LEI jeans only fit when they FIT? I've lost maybe 10 or so pounds, I can not keep these things on my hips to save my life. I'm too chunky for a belt to sit that low, so I'm forced to retire my once fitting hip huggers, as they are now hip slippers. Yay for weight loss!!! Boo for cute jeans that don't stay put.

My mom is having laser eye surgery tomorrow. And I love her so, am so happy to get to see her. But, she is such a DIVA. I've never in my life seen or heard someone make such a fuss over a tiny painless surgery. Part of me knows its her secretly just wanting time with me. So, I'm giving in. Chris is sending a gift he made for her ages ago. She's going to have to refrain from crying. But, thats one of her favorite things to do is cry~!!!

The gift is a fairy door. Yes a fairy door. Don't you beleive in fairies? You totally should. It is said that if you have a fairy door, the fairies will bring you good luck and happiness. They prefer their own entrances so they don't disturb you by using the "human" door. See below. My own fairy door is black and silver, it matches our decoration. It's best if your door blends in, as fairies are secretive creatures and aren't converstation peices. But, they don't mind if you talk about their pretty doors. =) See below:

Things I've learned in one week (yes,yes, I already knew some of them):

  1. You should never,ever, under any circumstance put a large knife in the drainer. (Cut on my pinkie to prove it) I generally dry it immediately and put it away. (DOH!)
  2. Never expect your guest to help with an impromptu dinner invite. Food was great, le Chef (that's me) fed 4 adults and a 10 year old single handedly, on the spot, drinks, salads, main dishes. AND cleaned the KITCHEN.  ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! (The only dishwasher in this house is the God given ones that are attached to my arms). Needless to say, my new friend lost friend points. Yes I have my friends on a point system. Heyyyy, they are mine to do as I choose. HA!
  3. When the tough going gets tough, the tough go shopping and find great deals.
  4. It is virtually impossible to get a hormone raged 10 year old to go to bed at a decent hour. Without, bribes, promises of 3 course breakfasts and finally a threat from daddy. =)
  5. Lunch dates with hiring managers are AWESOME! I'd forgotten the most important thing of all....THEY PAY!
  6. That I'm a bit superstitious. I've been unemployed 7 months. My start date is in the 7th month.If you count actual business days, its the 7th day. WOW. And did I mention I'm over the &^^*^%-ing top about having this JOB! SWEET!
  7. That my husband is acutely aware of my moods. Yet he sometimes misinterprets my facial expressions. Leading to meaningless squabbles about what kind of mood I'm in. DUDE, didn't you get the memo? I got a job. I'm elated right now.
  8. I don't have enough shoes anymore. I must get more shoes.
  9. Referring back to my previous blog. Wearing the stockings sucks. BUT, I cut the ends off of a few old pairs, I can now wear open toed heels, sandals and my beloved flip-flops. Since I wear jeans/slacks 100% of the time, you can't see the stockings, just my promenade pink toes. DOUBLE SWEET!!!!!
  10. I really got to lay off the homegrown veggies. My tummy is not happy with me. LOL!

All in all I'm loving Summer. Fast approaching 33. Or rather my 12 year anniversary of being 21. ::wink::

Still thinking of that purse at the flea market.... :le sigh:


  1. I am bursting with excitment over this post!!! I love it ALL!!! The job, the Coach deal, a happy new drink (heaven knows I get MAJORLY addicted to drinks - bubble tea, chai lattes, chocolate malts, & now Sobe Lifewater & Vitamin Water Zero! :-D), weight loss (been there, too!!!), fairy doors, being an amazing dinner hostess, getting deals, paid lunch dates!!!, & getting to show off your pedi'ed toes!!!!!

    Praying for peace re: starting your JOB & re: spousal mood discerning!!! (We all need prayers on that 2nd one!!!!! :-D)

  2. I needed this post, LOL. So excited for you!!!