Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Assertiveness and Taking a Stand...

This message kind of goes hand in hand with my previous one about patience.

On facebook there was a little "event" for June 15,2011  "Take no Shit Day". I clicked attend, wanting to add something cute to my day to day happenings. Who woulda thought I'd take it to such extremes.

Read On for details.

Pertaining to the interview that I had last week. I was told the position was put on hold for whatever reason. Fine. Ok. Humph. Well, in an attempt to stay in the forefront of my recruiters mind (the position is through a temp to hire staffing agency) I sent out an email letting her know the best ways to contact me on various days. *Because I have errands to run, and don't want to miss a single call or email* NOW...The responses I get back are riddled with typos. The answers are short. The content seems a little on the "biting my head off in email" nature.  So, I went out on a limb, sent an email to the lady that actually landed me the interview AFTER my info had sat on my recruiters desk for MONTHS. And spilled the beans, from a professional stand point of course. Because, I am so aggressively seeking employment I want whoevers helping me to be on point just as much as I am. What if she sends over some details about me and the email to the client is full of typos. How does that reflect on me? I can imagine Corporate Joe reading this email thinking to himself..."Well she can't even spell, whats that say for the potential employee?" Ya know what I mean???? So in honor of TNS Day... I've stood my ground...went out on a limb...if it ruins the oppurtunity so be it. I'll keep ya posted.

 I know what I stand for....and how to spell it. RESPECT. If it's not given, its earned, and if you can't earn it. I don't want it.

How's that for being more positive today?


  1. SWEET!!!! I *LOVE* the stand you took today!!!! You are 100% right to bring to her attention the way her typos reflect on you. Rock on!!!

  2. Well, turns out I got a call from the "Branch Manager" assuring me that I was indeed the ONLY candidate being considered for the job. As soon as the position becomes active again I'll get the call. PLUS! I have an interview in the morning for a permanent position with a company not affliated with the staffing agency. It's another oppurtunity that arose today. Feeling a little awesome right now. Looking forward to another day of being MYSELF all around. YAY!